Criminal Justice Careers with a Bachelors Degree

When most people think about getting a criminal justice degree, they think about a bachelor’s degree. There are other programs available, but this simple four-year option reigns supreme for the time being. You can do a lot with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, more so than you probably think. To get a better idea of your job opportunities, has compiled a list of criminal justice careers with a bachelors degree. Read on to see what you could be a part of in the future.

Comparing Criminal Justice Careers with a Bachelors Degree

One of the easiest ways to compare criminal justice careers is to assess the money you could make in each of them. Some jobs have more responsibilities than others, and thus the workers in them get paid more. You should obviously compare more than just the salary rates to pick the right career for you, but the list below should at least give you a place to start your comparison. Here are some of the most popular bachelor’s level careers in criminal justice:

  • Armed Security Officer: $36,500 per year
  • Corrections Officer: $55,800 per year
  • Crime Analyst: $50,700 per year
  • Detective: $63,100 per year
  • Detective: $64,900 per year
  • FBI Agent: $114,000 per year
  • Forensic Scientist: $63,245 per year
  • Fraud Investigator: $61,500 per year
  • Intelligence Analyst: $82,200 per year
  • Juvenile Probation Officer: $45,700 per year
  • Legal Assistant: $51,900 per year
  • Loss Prevention Agent: $29,300 per year
  • Loss Prevention Manager: $46,200 per year
  • Paralegal: $53,900 per year
  • Probation Officer: $45,800 per year
  • Security Guard: $28,900 per year
  • Security Supervisor: $40,200 per year
  • Sheriff’s Patrol Officer: $60,800 per year

You might be able to work in a different area of the field, but at least now you have a rough idea of how your pay may range. Hopefully this will help you narrow down the right job opportunity for you.

How to Choose the Right Career for You

Now that you realize just how many criminal justice careers can spawn from a bachelor’s degree, you might want to think about which specialty you want to work in. There are several sectors of criminal justice to choose from, like investigation, forensics, corrections, and law enforcement. You have to think about what your overall purpose is for working in criminal justice and then make an effort to find a job that will allow you to fulfill that purpose with ease. This is going to be a little tricky at first, but eventually, you should be able to find just the right fit.

Who knew that four years could do so much for your life as a whole? If you know that you want to work in one of the criminal justice careers with a bachelors degree listed above, you should now focus on finding a school to attend. You could go to college online, or you could go to school at a local university. It just depends on how you like to learn and what kind of degree you want to pursue. Look over all of your options carefully, and you will eventually find the one you were destined to take part in.

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